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Gorman-Rupp pump parts


Pumps are an essential part of your wastewater operation. Envirep recommends having an inventory of genuine Gorman-Rupp replacement pump parts to allow for prompt repair when a pump goes down. Why choose genuine Gorman-Rupp pump parts? Pump parts manufactured by Gorman-Rupp in Mansfield, Ohio are made to exacting, repeatable standards to ensure consistency in manufacturing. […]

Gorman-Rupp Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Envirep strives to provide excellent service before, during, and after the sale.  To maintain and protect your Gorman-Rupp equipment, our Service Department offers a Gorman-Rupp preventative maintenance agreement. Regular preventive maintenance will uncover emerging problems and help to avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns while keeping your pumping system working at peak efficiency.  Our service staff […]

Calcium Carbonate Sludge Pump

Gorman Rupp: Tough Calcium Carbonate Slurry Application Needs a Tough Pump

Calcium Carbonate slurry can be difficult to pump because of the high percentage of very abrasive solids. In this Northern Virginia application, Gorman Rupp 10 Series pumps were installed in 1996, and they have served this municipality very well since. However, the customer recently renovated their chemical process, and upgraded the 10 Series pumps to […]

Gorman-Rupp pump

Gorman Rupp: Clearance Adjustment For T-Series Pumps

Gorman Rupp: Clearance Adjustment For T-Series PumpsAre you noticing reduced flow or head with your Gorman Rupp Super T-Series pump? It might be time to adjust the clearance. Adjusting the clearance between the impeller and wear plate is an important preventative maintenance task, and it is Super Easy! Follow the link below to see our […]

Gorman-Rupp Pumps: Centrifugal Pump Technology

Last week, several of our Maryland customers had the opportunity to tour the Gorman Rupp factory in Mansfield Ohio; to learn first hand about Gorman-Rupp suction lift pumps and submersible centrifugal pump technology. Pictured above is Mike Rowe – Gorman Rupp Application Engineer, explaining the shimless clearance adjustment method pioneered by Gorman Rupp. To view a complete list of our products, […]