OmniSite: The Importance of Flow Measurement

OmniSite: The Importance of Flow Measurement

The history of measuring flow dates all the way back to 3500 B.C. when the Egyptian Pharaoh Menes developed a flood control system for the Nile River. This system included 20 recording stations along the river to measure the level of the river. The levels were recorded daily and then compared to previous records to try and predict the future level of the river. From this system, annual crop yields were taxed based off the maximum level of the river. (Grant 3-4)

The increase in population density over time has placed an increased demand on society to control the quality of our water supply. Public interest has emphasized the importance for accurate flow measurement. The traditional areas flow measurement has been used in are irrigation systems, stream measurement, and water & sewage treatment plants. Other areas requiring flow measurement are storm water and combined sewer systems, sedimentation and runoff studies, and inflow & infiltration studies.

As stated by Shelley & Kirkpatrick (1), “Measurements of quantity of flow, usually in conjunction with sampling for flow quality, are essential to nearly all aspects of water pollution control. Research, planning, design, operation and maintenance, and enforcement of pertinent laws – all are activities which rely on flow measurement for their effective conduct.”

OmniSite can help your company achieve accurate flow measurements in a variety of ways, for a much lower cost than you might expect with other products. Here are a some of the ways we approach flow monitoring with the OmniSite:

Volumetric Draw Down – Utilizing custom algorithms specifically written for pump and lift stations, our web-based software calculates your pump draw down stats and logs them for future reporting and/or automatic notifications. This option is very inexpensive, and can be easily set-up at any existing pump station. Not only will this provide you with average daily flow and totalized flow, you will also be able to obtain pump run-time, pump cycles, and average pumping rate (GPM). Having this information handy is a very useful troubleshooting tool.

External Flow Meter – Send a pulse frequency or 4-20mA signal to the OmniSite to record flow from your existing flow meter. This information will be stored and logged on our web-based software for your records. This option is also very inexpensive provided that your existing flow meter has the capability of outputting a signal to the OmniSite

Rain Level Monitoring – Our rain collector interfaces with our Crystal Ball and XR50 units to provide accurate levels down to .01″. This data can be used to setup automatic triggers or alerts. It is also available in our exclusive GuardDog web interface for reporting and analysis.

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Envirep keeps an inventory of this equipment in stock at our headquarters in Camp Hill, PA and our highly trained service staff is available to perform installation and start-up services at your facility. For free of charge Envirep also offers a 60 day trial that includes installation, and in person training on the equipment and web software.


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by Joshua Price, Service Manager at Envirep/TLC